Improved Mental Health App

Year 2022-2023
Timeframe 2 years
Industry Information


Our client is a visionary healthcare organization dedicated to improving mental health through an innovative mobile app. By expertly matching the company with our QA automation professionals, WeAreQA embarked on a transformative journey, combining the best practices of two distinct worlds to drive software excellence.


Selenium, Appium, RestAssured, Maven, TestNG, Jenkins pipelines, Report Portal, Perfecto Mobile, SauceLabs


Our client needed to fix all the issues with their app very quickly and fasten product time-to-market development. So our team embarked on a mission to fix app code issues for top quality and reliability.

  • Existing QA team lacked expertise in automated testing tools and practices.
  • Integrating automated tests with an existing codebase, filled with legacy systems, was a complex task.
  • Ensuring the stability and reliability of automated test scripts amid frequent changes in the application was a challenge.

Main goals

  • Match an expert with a company, for specific needs.
  • Methodically identify and document all software bugs, imperfections, and vulnerabilities present within the application’s codebase.
  • Swiftly address each identified issue, ensuring a seamless and error-free user experience.
  • Elevate the overall software quality to a level that surpasses industry standards.
  • Strengthen the application’s reliability to guarantee uninterrupted performance, even in demanding scenarios.
  • Go beyond conventional excellence by setting and achieving new benchmarks in software quality and reliability.


  • Partnership conditions were examined and agreed upon at every stage of collaboration.
  • A thorough code review was conducted, involving a team of experienced developers who meticulously examined the application’s codebase.
  • Automated testing suites were set up to systematically check for common bugs and regressions. This included unit tests, integration tests, and end-to-end tests.
  • Real-world scenarios and user interactions were simulated to ensure that the application’s performance under different conditions met user expectations.
  • A comprehensive security audit was carried out to identify vulnerabilities.
  • A centralized bug-tracking system was implemented to log, prioritize, and monitor identified issues.
  • In cases where code quality was found to be suboptimal, refactoring was performed to enhance code readability, maintainability, and overall quality.

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  • Long-lasting partnership relations: The enduring partnership cultivated through collaboration with WeAreQA fosters trust, shared objectives, and a commitment to ongoing improvement.
  • Production release in 5 months after collaboration with WeAreQA: This expedited timeline reflects the efficiency and effectiveness of collaboration, highlighting our joint commitment to excellence.
  • Improved application stability: The thorough bug identification and resolution process leads to a more stable application with fewer unexpected crashes or errors. Users can rely on the application for consistent performance.
  • Increased security: A comprehensive security audit helps identify and fix vulnerabilities, making the application more resistant to security breaches and data leaks, thus ensuring user data remains confidential and protected.
  • Enhanced user experience: By addressing user-reported issues and improving software quality, the application becomes more user-friendly. This, in turn, leads to higher user satisfaction and engagement.
  • Positive reputation: A more reliable and high-quality application can lead to a positive reputation in the market, attracting more users and potentially increasing revenue.

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