Streamlining Product Quality Assurance for Software Development Company

Year 2022-2023
Timeframe 1 year
Industry HealthTech


Implementation of automated testing for an American medium-sized software development company.


Java, Gradle, Selenium, Appium, Selenide, Spring Framework, TestNG, Rest Assured, Jenkins, Selenoid, Browserstack, Allure TestOps


Our client faced several challenges in their software development process: time-consuming manual testing, resource-intensive quality assurance, and bottlenecks in the development pipeline. They needed a solution to improve their testing efficiency and software quality which would enhance testing efficiency, reduce costs and accelerate development of their product.
Also, our client encountered the following challenges during their transition to automated testing:

  • Existing QA team lacked expertise in automated testing tools and practices.
  • Integrating automated tests with an existing codebase, filled with legacy systems, was a complex task.
  • Ensuring the stability and reliability of automated test scripts amid frequent changes in the application was a challenge.


To address these challenges and achieve their goals, we took the following actions together with our client:

  • Tool selection. After careful evaluation, we chose Selenium for web application testing and Appium for mobile application testing due to their versatility and active community support.
  • Team training. We provided training to their QA team on automated testing tools and best practices to bridge the skill gap.
  • Test framework development. WeAreQA team developed a custom test automation framework tailored to our client’s application architecture.
  • Integration with CI/CD: Automated tests were integrated into their Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline, ensuring that tests ran automatically with each code commit.
  • Visual test automation report: Automatic custom visual test report generation approach was implemented to visualize automation tests traceability and various percentage metrics with different charts & graphs, test cases with steps and its artifacts to bring clear vision of what and how was tested. Our custom test reports simplify failure analysis and give a quick robust tests results review and overall testing stages statistics.Test framework development. WeAreQA team developed a custom test automation framework tailored to our client’s application architecture.

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Our client seamlessly integrated automated testing, meeting efficiency goals and boosting competitiveness. Despite initial hurdles, strategic investments yielded higher-quality software and faster development cycles, solidifying automated testing’s pivotal role in their strategy.
The implementation of automated testing for our client yielded significant results:

By 50%

reduced testing time due to automated tests, allowing for quicker feedback to developers.


reduction in QA-related costs due to the decreased need for manual testers

20% faster

product development due to reduced time required for regression testing, enabling the release of new features and bug fixes.


decrease in post-release defects

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